About Us

On 11th Iyar 5764 (2.05.2004) Tali Hatuel, in the ninth month of her pregnancy and her four daughters, drove from Moshav Katif to Ashkelon.

There were two purposes to her visit, one personal – an ultra-sound test to monitor her pregnancy, the second nationalistic – to awaken love of the homeland and to influence Likud party members to vote against the plan to withdraw from Gaza and Gush Katif.

Tali and  her daughters (may the Almighty avenge their deaths), never made it to Ashkelon. They were all brutally murdered by inhuman terrorists on the way to Kisufim, and with a single wave of a hand, six entire worlds were wiped out :

  • Tali and her fetus, who never saw the light of day

  • The wisdom of Hila (10 years old)

  • The honesty of Hadar (9)

  • Ronnie’s laughter (7)

  • The innocence of two year old Meirav


May the Almighty avenge their deaths.

From deep within the mourning and the pain, the idea was born to express the meaning of life and its continuity as an eternal remembrance of Tali and her daughters, who were slaughtered as martyrs. Thus, the association was established with the aim of assisting couples suffering from fertility problems by financing the required treatments.

For where life has been extinguished, let us add life.